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Our Growth Track is a year-long discipleship journey that is designed to take you deeper in your relationship with Christ. Made up of four separate components, participants are able to go through a different element of the track every semester. We hope you’ll take this journey as we help you “Encounter Jesus, Experience Freedom, Discover Purpose and Walk in Destiny.” 

Growth Track Steps

Step 1 – Encounter: The purpose of this spiritual retreat is for each participant to set aside time for a Divine Encounter with God, himself, and others. This is the foundation of our Growth Track program dealing with the Biblical fundamentals of sin, repentance, and the power of the Gospel to all who believe. The retreat is held over a weekend and includes food and childcare.


Step 2 – Freedom: This 12 week course is the second phase of our Growth Track. Each participant will go through our L.I.F.E. (Living In Freedom Everyday) curriculum which tackles topics such as Addiction, Surrender, Forgiveness, and Worship.  The Freedom Course is for those who have gone through an Encounter Weekend.  Leaders for Freedom are Steve and Nancy Shonamon.  If you have any questions, contact Steve at  This group will meet on Sunday evenings at 5:30pm in room 115.  Cost is $5 for your workbook.

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Step 3- Discover: The third step of the Growth Track works to help you discover your God-given purpose within the Body of Christ. This six week teaching evaluates your past experiences, core values, spiritual gifting, etc. and you will begin to explore how God desires to uniquely use you.  Classes are led by Pastor Glidden and Chris Jones. Discover begins on Wednesday, March 21 @ 7pm in 112.  Sundays will be @ 5:30pm in 112.  Workbook cost is $5.00.

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Step 4 – Destiny: COMING 2018! This is the final stage of the Growth Track where participants are empowered to live out their calling. This is the leadership phase where each member is plugged into a ministry within the church to utilize their gifting for the expansion of the kingdom. This phase has no defined length, but is the ongoing process of growth, service, and training to live as fully-devoted followers of Christ.