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It is our belief at NCA that a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance is beneficial to the learning experience in the classroom. Thus, NCA requires that all students abide by this approved dress code. Please refer to this entire policy (here and in the 2016/2017 Student Handbook). Repeated noncompliance with the dress code will affect the student’s conduct grade and will result in disciplinary action.

Wherever coordinating colors are mentioned, those colors are Navy, Red, Black or White.


Girls must wear the NCA specified khaki jumper, skirts, skorts, walking shorts, capris, or slacks (no stitched-on pockets, double-stitched seams, or denim material permitted) with true red polo shirts for elementary girls and navy, white or true red polos for secondary girls. Color coordinating shorts must be worn under skirts at all times. Girls may wear color coordinating tights or knee high socks as long as they are solid and unpatterned. No leggings are permitted.

Girls in grades K through 6th are not allowed to wear any type of make-up. (No body glitter, jewels, etc.)

Middle school and high school girls may leave their polo untucked and wear a white camisole under their polo with a small amount showing at the bottom of their polo.


Boys are to wear khaki slacks or walking shorts (no stitched-on pockets, double-stitched seams or denim material) with true red polo shirts for elementary boys and navy, white, or true red polos for Jr./Sr. High. Boys must wear color coordinated socks. Undershirts must be white.

Middle school and high school boys do not need to tuck in polo shirts. However, polos must fit properly. Shoulder seams need to be at the shoulder. No oversized polos will be allowed. All polo shirts must be hemmed evenly all the way around (no tails). If the polo has a longer tail in the back then it must be tucked in.


Boys must wear a white oxford shirt, long khaki pants and the uniform tie. A belt should be worn, and the shirt must be tucked in. Undershirts must be white. Middle school boys may choose to wear a navy bowtie or a navy sweater or sweater vest and white oxford shirt or polo with no tie. High school boys may choose to wear any nice, patterned or solid- colored tie/bowtie or a navy sweater/sweater vest and white oxford shirt or polo with no tie. Themed ties are not allowed.

Elementary girls must wear the NCA specified khaki skirt or jumper and white oxford blouse with the peter pan collar or regular oxford collar. For all girls, color coordinating shorts must be worn under all jumpers and skirts, and undershirts must be white. All tights and socks must be color coordinating, solid and unpatterned.

Middle school and high school girls must wear the khaki skirt and white polo. Secondary girls may also wear a navy pull-over sweater or sweater vest. EXCEPTION: If the temperature is 40° or less at 7 AM, all girls have the option of wearing pants instead of skirts.

No sweatshirts or hoodies may be worn on Chapel Day.

HAIR for both boys and girls will be neatly trimmed and kept off the face. Boys shall have hair neatly trimmed above the shirt collar, above the eyebrows, and above the middle of the ear. No spikes, tails, or unnatural coloring, etc. is permitted. No facial hair for boys, i.e. mustaches, beards, goatees, is allowed. Boys must be clean shaven.


The uniform for elementary students is khaki pants, khaki walking shorts or skorts and the official PE T-shirt. If girls wear skirts or jumpers, color coordinating shorts must be worn underneath.

Jr. and Sr. High students must wear solid navy PE mesh shorts. Shorts must be appropriate in length and color. Any NCA t-shirt is allowed for PE. Long navy workout pants may also be worn in cooler months.

Tennis shoes are mandatory for all.


All students must wear black, navy, or brown (normal width) uniform belts with pants and shorts that have belt loops. There should be no oversized or distracting belts or buckles.

  •             No hats or hoods are to be worn in the building.
  •             Names should be placed in all accessory/removable clothing to assist in the return of lost items.
  •             Gauges, excessive jewelry, body piercings, or tattoos (permanent or temporary) are not permitted.

For your child’s safety, shoes must be an appropriate style for the school day. Shoes must have a back or strap. Shoes with rollers or moccasins/house shoes are not permitted. Boots are not permitted with skirts or shorts. Tennis shoes are recommended and accepted every day, including Chapel day. Shoes must be worn at all times during the school day with color coordinating socks or footies that are solid and unpatterned. Shoes must not attract attention away from the uniform so they must be appropriate in style and color.

Any solid color of open front sweater or jacket may be worn with the uniform in class. NCA sweatshirts or hoodies may be worn with the uniform in class on any day but Wednesday.

NEATNESS is very important. All articles of dress should be kept in good condition. Unraveled hems or rips must be repaired immediately. There should be no baggy/sagging clothing at any time.

OUT OF UNIFORM DAYS will be scheduled at the principal’s discretion. Clothing must be appropriate, and the principal will make any final decisions on appropriateness of dress. Parents will be notified of inappropriate dress.

The following are never appropriate: tank tops, midriff tops, clothing made of sheer material, biking shorts, short shorts, athletic shorts, clothing promoting alcohol, tobacco products, rock bands, or obscene or sexual images/connotations.

SPIRIT DRESS will be scheduled on most Fridays. Students may wear blue jeans (no holes, frays, or sagging) along with any NCA t-shirt or sweatshirt. In order to dress for spirit day, the student must pay $1. The money collected will go into the spirit money fund for various school activities. Athletes and cheerleaders may wear their game jerseys or cheer uniforms only on Friday home game days and will not be charged.

High school students may pay $2 to have Free Dress on Fridays. Most ‘normal’ dress is allowed. The exceptions for girls are: shirts that are sleeveless, see-through tops, one-shoulder tops, cropped or hemmed tops, athletic shorts, short shorts, skirts, dresses, jeggings/leggings, yoga pants, tights, jeans with rips/shredded, sweat pants, and athletic pants. The exceptions for boys are: shirts that are sleeveless, muscle shirts, unhemmed tops, snap pants, athletic pants, sweat pants, athletic shorts, kilts, chubbies, and bathing suit shorts.

DRESS CODE VIOLATIONS will be addressed and corrected immediately. If your child comes to school inappropriately dressed, a staff member will talk to him/her about the correction to make and the student will need to make immediate corrections. Repeated violations can result in detention, suspension or removal from the academy.


  • French Toast Uniforms, www.frenchtoast.com – select NCA
  • Army Navy – Burleson, Texas
  • Academy – Austin brand uniforms
  • Lands’ End – www.landsend.com – school#: 900180324
  • Check the “Resale Rack” in the NCA