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NCA’s Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is a fellowship of Parents, Teachers and NCA Staff with the primary objectives:

• To promote the welfare of the children, the school, the church and the community
• To bring into closer relationship the home and the school
• To raise funds for the school and/or special projects pertaining to the school

Membership is FREE and open to the Fort Worth First Church of the Nazarene Board, the NCA Administration, staff, faculty and ALL parents or guardians of those enrolled at NCA.

PTF is leaded by Executive Officers that are elected for a one year term beginning at the close of a school year. They are eligible for re-election in the same office twice to serve a consecutive three year term. Executive Officers must be above board morally, ethically and should be of outstanding Christian character. The PTF and its Executive Officers will answer to the Principal and/or the Church Board.

The 2017-2018 Executive Officers are:

President – Tawnja McDowell
Vice President – Cindy Buchanan
Treasurer – Jenifer Luce
Secretary – Alice Winn
Hospitality – Darell Winn and Lisa Merryman
Fundraising – Jessica Busby
Publicity – Melissa Laman
Room Parent Coordinator – Rachelle Houston


The sole purpose of the PTF is to aid NCA in whatever way the school may deem necessary.