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Brief Overview of Guidance Counseling Services

  • One-on-one Junior Interviews
    • Occurs in the spring of their junior year
    • College preferences are identified
    • Schedule SAT/ACT testing dates
    • Review graduation plan to identify targeted classes for their senior year
    • Review Dual Enrollment progress at the local colleges


  • One-on-one Senior Interviews
    • Occurs twice: Fall and follow-up in the Spring
    • Review service ministry hours attained and needed
    • Review SAT/ACT scores and compare with the colleges or universities of their choice
    • Walk through the FAFSA process
    • Walk through the application process
    • Review and update their student resumes
    • Identify dates for college visits
    • Narrow down college or university placements to their top four
    • Administer career and college major assessments as needed
    • Assist with college applications and scholarship application


  • Provide Support for Families of Seniors
    • Assist parents through the FAFSA application
    • Provide families with scholarship resources and information
    • Provide a timeline of what needs to occur when during the senior year.
    • Provide official and final transcripts within 5 business days upon receipt of a Transcript Request Form.
    • Be available to meet for any questions, concerns, worries or additional support as needed.


  • Dual Enrollment Services (for all Juniors and Seniors)


  • Testing
    • Freshman: PSAT 8/9
      • Optional: Pre-ACT
    • Sophomore: Pre-ACT and PSAT-10
      • Optional: PSAT/NMSQT
    • Junior: PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying test)
      • Optional: Spring of junior year – SAT and ACT
    • Senior: SAT and/or ACT