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Fort Worth First Connection Groups are all about connecting people and growing spiritually. Our groups exist to help people live life together, grow together and serve God together. Below is a list of our current adult and teen Connection Groups. Click on the leader email to request any more information about joining one of our groups!

Day/Time Location Leader Contact Description
Sun/9:30a FWF/Room 217 Becky Glidden Adult Discipleship
Sun/9:30a FWF/Room 119 Paul Johnson
Michelle Tate
Adult Discipleship
Sun/9:30a FWF/Room 115 Terry Fowler Senior Adult Discipleship
Sun/9:45a FWF/Room 111 Pastor Clint Grimes Young Adult Discipleship
Sun/9:30a FWF/Room 219 Chris & Angie Tims Young Married Discipleship
Sun/5:30p FWF/Board Room Nancy Shonamon Ladies Discipleship
Sun/5:30p FWF/Room 112 Pastor Eric DeLuna Adult Discipleship
Mon/9a Walton Home Debbie Walton Ladies Discipleship
Mon/6p FWF/Room 111 Sheila Williams Ladies Prayer & Discipleship
Tue/6:30a Cracker Barrel
Pastor CB Glidden Men’s Discipleship
Tue/7p Manning Home Julie Manning Adult Discipleship
Tue/7p Smith Home Floyd Warner Adult Discipleship
Wed/6:45p FWF/Room 111 Pastor Eric Deluna Divorce Care
Thur/6:30p FWF/Room 112 Pastor Clint Grimes Young Adult Discipleship
Sat/7:00p Shonamon Home Steve & Nancy Shonamon
 Adult Discipleship
Sun/9:30am FWF/Youth Loft Pastor Eric Deluna
Chris Jones
Jr. High Discipleship
Sr. High Discipleship
Sun/6p Boice Home Leah Boice 11th/12th Grade Girls
Sun/6:15 FWF/Youth Loft Dallas Miller 9th/10th Grade Girls
Sun/6:15 FWF/TMC Pastor Josh Boice JH & SH Guys
Sun/6:15 FWF/TMC Megan Wilshire Junior High Girls
Wed/5:30p Boice Home Leah Boice 11th/12th Grade Girls
Thur/7p Lincecum Home Garrett Lincecum Teen Outreach Group